Armenian Shaqar-Loqum

The recipe to the Armenian Shaqar-Loqum  is in of itself very simple but the key to success of these popular cookies lies in the technique.

There are two main tips for the ideal Shaqar-Loqum.


Tip 1: The mass from yolks and icing sugar must be mixed well until the color turns white and the bubbles begin to form.

Tip 2: Second secret lies in the baking stage which we will expand upon a bit later.



To make Armenian Shaqar-Loqum we will need the following simple ingredients:

Yolks from 2 eggs

0,5 kg of Reddy ghee

0,5 kg of icing sugar

All purpose flour

Vanilla extract


Dough making stage

Put the yolks from 2 eggs into the mixer, add the icing sugar and mix till the mixture turns white and bubbles begin to form on the surface. Add in the vanilla extract or powder but don’t overdo it as this may give the mixture a bitter taste.

Now it is time to add the flour. You can eyeball the flour to get a soft and smooth dough that can be easily shaped into balls.


► Note

It is recommended to use icing sugar at this stage so the mixture comes out smooth. The icing sugar may be substituted with regular granulated sugar. However, in such a case, blend the mixture well to ensure there are no granules left.


Shaping the cookies

When it comes to the shape of the cookies there are absolutely no rules. It is all up to your whimsy and imagination.

Traditionally the cookies have been made in the shape of half moons.


The Baking stage

Place the shaped dough into the over that has been pre-heated to 200 degrees for 25-30 min. Regularly keep an eye on the cookies to avoid burning them.

Now the key at this stage is to place a second tray underneath the tray with dough to ensure that the cookies are baked evenly.


After the cookies are done, allow them to cool down and sprinkle with icing sugar if so desired.


With Love, Reddy